From: Greegor on
Moe > What difference would that matter? Seriously.
Moe > I am proud of my heritage and it doesn't
Moe > matter if I am part Navaho or part Iriquois
Moe > or even part of both of them when I am
Moe > what I am.

G > Translation:  It's probably a family rumor and
G > you have no idea of the nation or the %

Moe > Your " translator" is faulty. I have no intention
Moe > if letting a stalker like you know specifics
Moe > about my family or ancestry, no matter
Moe > how hard you've tried before--and failed.

Nice cover!

Remember when I said you are both eager
to falsely claim protection using the race card?

Moe > You could look up Algonquin for a start.

ms > Ah, so you have abandoned Navajo and
ms > Iroquois, now it's Algonquin,
ms > what's next Chingachuck, Inuit?

I like the excuse that announcing
her % of indiginous ancestry would
be useful for stalking purposes.

Then as you pointed out she throws out
the name of another indiginous nation.

Moe is WHITE but she pretended to be
indiginous based on some tiny percent.

Moe is just a bull shitter.

Moe > Custer died for your sins for what you
Moe > as a White Man did to us Indians.

- Maureen McAllister, posing as