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>> He is hardly a lone voice where that particular individual is
>he is a lone voice as far as anyone without an obvious conflict of interest.

I presume that for you "obvious conflict of interest" means anyone who
disagrees with you? You don't have to have any conflict of interest -
simply look it up yourself. The facts peak for themselves.

For example she states "there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines
of any kind - but especially those against childhood diseases - are
effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to

Talking of Pertussis vaccine she then quotes two studies from the
Faero Islands which found In both epidemics six patients of the 3,926
vaccinated died and 26 among the 1,073 unvaccinated cases died.

These figures clearly show vaccination to be effective so Scheibner
gets around this by claiming "So the vaccine seemed to provide some
degree of protection; however, the numbers of vaccinated and
unvaccinated are so different that any comparison is scientifically

Now this statement is not merely nonsense (the sample sizes are more
than adequate and the difference between the populations is highly
significant, with a p value of <0.0001) it is actually well within her
knowledge and training as a Paleontologist. She either knew she was
making a basic error or chose to misrepresent data.

Similarly she tries to dismiss the clear effect shown in the
Whooping-cough Immunisation data from the UK in 1946-50 by claiming
the control group wasn't a proper control. She excluded mention that
in that trial report the control group infection rates were compared
with the general population and found to be similar thus defeating her

This and more is documented in Dr Bassers review of some of her work

Feel free to point out where he is wrong in his assessment of
Scheibner. The most damning indictment is of course not that she errs
in matters outside her competence but that she has been found to
manipulate data she should be able to understand to produce
conclusions she must know full well are false.

is trait is all too common amongst the anti-vaccination community.

>From memory Morgan did a textbook page on ad hominem re
>Scheibner and the rest

Your memory is incorrect. Jason W. Busse, DC, MSc Lon Morgan, DC and
James B. Campbell, PhD wrote an article entitled "Chiropractic
Antivaccination Arguments" in the Journal of Manipulative and
Physiological Theraputics
their criticism was of her work and in particular her
misrepresentation of the Japanese data from Cherry

>> That your site is fascinating in a sort of gothic horror way is
>> undeniable, that it is a source of knowledge or science is unlikely.
>> On the other hand, that any lawyer would be so desperate as to quote
>> it in a court in support of their argument would also appear to be
>> rather improbable, but apparently that happened in the USA even if
>> they did lose their case.
>So you say but we all know what you say that.

You do?
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> Better than your ragtag army of pharma boys like Offit.

Nope. Not possible. Offit is so knowledgeable, competent and
professional that the anti-vac liars have to sue him to try to silence

He scares the cleanse right out of them.

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> > You really do have to rely upon some remarkable pond life don't you?
> > Scheiber is a retired Paleontologist of dubious ability and honesty.
> that is ad hominem.  

No, just an accurate description.

And you have never proven any dishonesty, while we
> document vast evidence your industry is built on it.

Who is "we"?

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> > > Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William Trebing. You'll find it at
> > > to
> > > get 6th edition ISBN # 1413454402
> > Thanks for the laugh, thanks.
> I prefer Jib-Jab. The music is better.

Not surprised.
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> > Good-Bye Dr. William Trebing. You'll find it
> Pure spam snipped

Do you snip, Peter Bowditch, and Bob Officer's pure spam?