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(NaturalNews) Probiotic expert S.K. Dash calls the healthy bacteria in our
guts our first line of immune defense, as these tiny bacteria protect us
from all sorts of problems. Everything from cancer to IBS to allergies and
most every disease imaginable is connected to our healthy bacteria. But
there's one problem. Eating one serving of GMO foods has been found to
change the genetic structure of our healthy bacteria. Literally, some GMO
foods might be altering our healthy bacteria so they'll now produce
concentrated pesticides in our guts for the rest of our lives.

GMOs may also be changing our healthy bacteria on a genetic level, so
they'll continually produce abnormal proteins inside us. Because our
ever-working DNA runs on proteins, throwing abnormal proteins into the mix
can be the source of all sorts of serious and unpredictable problems. Yet,
evidence from the only human GMO feeding trial ever published shows it's
likely that GMOs have taken our once healthy bacteria that are designed to
protect us - and turned them into a major toxicity source. In this manner,
it's likely that GMOs have made our colons toxic beyond belief.

One serving of GM soy was all it took to see the genetic mutation of our
healthy bacteria -- and you'd be a rare individual not to have had thousands
of servings of GMOs in your lifetime, let alone just one. In Europe, where
GM foods aren't as prevalent as in other parts of the world, the animals are
most likely eating GM grain - and GM genes are found in their flesh and the
dairy that people consume. This intense pollution of inside the colon may be
the reason that bees living near and eating GMOs crops have died in large
numbers. Autopsies of the bees showed that they died from something that
looked a lot like colon cancer.

The depth that the problem presents is larger than can be conceived and it's
unknown if it's even possible to completely reverse it. If so, it'll take
some work because these tiny bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes
and your body contains many trillions of them. So, if we didn't have enough
reasons to do colon cleansing in a time when disease is rampant and often
considered normal, GMOs offer yet another.

To work to reverse the problem, you'd make good mileage by doing deep and
aggressive colon cleansing using enemas or professional colonics. You'll
also want to reseed your healthy bacteria with untainted bacteria from raw
homemade sauerkraut, which contains more strains of bacteria than
store-bought probiotics. Of course, you'll also want to get really familiar
with the foods and food additives that contain GMOs and never put another in
your mouth.

Deep and regular colon cleansing will likely clean out stores of abnormal
proteins and possibly release large amounts of pesticides that may have been
created in your gut. Importantly, it'll also allow you to remove stores of
now genetically mutant bacteria, while replacing them with untainted
bacteria to try and correct the problem.

For most, avoiding GMOs will require some new shopping and dining habits
because about 90 percent of the packaged foods in a traditional U.S. grocery
store contain GMOs. You'd also be hard pressed to find a restaurant that's
not serving up GM corn chips that are likely mutating your healthy bacteria
to produce concentrated pesticides. And it's hard to imagine that's what you
thought you were ordering for lunch.