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It's not like the capitalists made it hard. And they benefited in
the short term and still are.

Putin stands behind your daughters,
all of your daughters if he could.......................Trig
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see covert-hostile tone scale for the feminist blue print

depends how you define feminism, obviously.

I agree about women having equal rights etc, but you get maternalistic
societies where women behave exactly as the paternalistic ones

currently the world is run by psychopathy, which is why they want everyone
in apathy, so they can control them

which is why the police spend 6 hours a week on the streets
why we have 24 hr drinking
why single parents get better funding over couples
why 2 parents have to work to bring in what one used to
and so on

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>I don't see any problem with men doing the baby-sitting while women go
to work.

Women make better child carers, nature made it that way, and women don't
like men who don't bring in the money IMO. Ask my wife.

For one thing the correct breastfeeding duration is 4 years
and children who don't bond with their mothers grow up emotionally deprived

here is the origin of violence

any mother who does all that for 4 years is unlikely to want to leave the
kids at home while she works

>I don't know how these women fit in exactly.
>Yes, they are women but I don't know much more than that.


they wouldn't get to the top if they weren't.

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When you come to understand that the reins of political and economic power
are in the hands of people who have no conscience, who have no capacity for
empathy, it opens up a completely new way of looking at what we call "evil".
Evil is no longer only a moral issue; it can now be analyzed and understood

Early in the book, Lobaczewski describes his experiences in university where
he first encountered the phenomenon. He went into the library to get some
books on the question of psychopathy and found to his amazement that they
had all been removed! This fact demonstrates a self-awareness of their
difference amongst at least some of them, and in the case of Poland under
communism, of those in a position of power highly enough placed to get books
removed from the university library. Laura said reading that passage made
the hair stand up on her neck! The implications of this fact are
far-reaching in understanding our world, how it got that way, and what we
need to do to change it.

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