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>>> can contractions feel like bad stomach ache?
>> <snip with respect>
>> I had some cramps the other week that came over me in waves. I ended up
>> staying overnight in hospital as they thought it could be early labour
>> signs. Never did find out what it was and it passed after 24 hours.
>> I did find that I was constipated at the time and some fybrogel and fresh
>> orange helped solve the constipation and not had the pains since.
> Funnily enough that's what I thought it was when I first got it yesterday,
> particularly with the iron tablets. By midafternoon I could say it was
> definitely not :-) That was when I decided it was the bug going round.

For my labour at 4am I thought it was constipation (iron tablets too!) but
but 8am I knew it definitely was not!

> I'm going to wait and see if it comes back before I do anything else now.
> Anyway I've told #3 that s/he's not allowed out for another 2 weeks yet as
> I've got things to do.

Good luck!