From: Greegor on
Kent, It's a fiction on your part.

Apparently my REAL court record was
just not bad enough so you had to
fabricate this LIE about me having
an old OWI charge/conviction.

You KNOW it's not real because you
faked it up and that's why you have
never posted a CASE NUMBER for
this fake OWI you keep posting.

I basically don't smoke, drink or do drugs.

In my entire life I have embibed liquor
perhaps 10 time ever.
I do not like liquor and never have.

I do not do street drugs and do not smoke.

I tried marijuana about 1978 and found it
likeable but never felt the need to try it again.

In my entire life so far, I have rarely even taken aspirin.

You ARE Kent Bradley Wills.