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<snipped everything that Janet Drew does not understand>

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<snipped everything Janet Drew did not understand>

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>>> Donna <kevysmom10(a)> wrote:
>>>> So, are you saying some can ingest poison chemicals and not have a
>>>> reaction, while others can die from it? You dont make any sense.
>>> The chemical most commonly used for suicide attempts in Australia is
>>> acetaminophen. If this chemical was invented today it would probably
>>> not be allowed to be sold without a prescription from a doctor because
>>> of its toxicity to the liver, but right now a lethal dose can be
>>> purchased in supermarkets for a few dollars.
>> The lethal dose of alcohol and gasoline can be purchased for less in
>> many places.
> Yes, but they aren't commonly used to attempt suicide.
>> What is more disturbing is that there are few efforts to make sure that
>> there is a safe limit imposed on drugs with acetominophen in them, so
>> that people don't take a toxic dose.
> I've seen packets of 100 x 500mg pills on sale in a pharmacy for
> $4.00. That same pharmacy wouldn't sell me 100mg caffeine tablets.

I get my vitamin C in Diet Coke or Pepsi. However, people have to show
licenses to get pseudophedrine, but not for amphetamines (although they
do need prescriptions for Adderall or similar drug). Go figure.

The problem with acetaminophen is that it is in cold medications and
combination with opiates. So, people sometimes take opiate containing.
Then they start to wonder why their skin is turning yellow and pee
brown. And why they have that itchy feeling and their stools have a
grayish color (all symptoms of liver failure).

>>> The reaction that most people have to the millions of doses consumed
>>> around the world each day is that their headaches and other pains go
>>> away.
>>> The dose makes the poison.
>> True.
>> Jeff
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Jan Drew wrote:
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>> mainframetech wrote:
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>>>> Donna wrote:
>>>>> On May 2, 8:23 am, dr_jeff <u...(a)> wrote:
>>>>>> Kevysmom wrote:
>>>>>>>> You now know the reason that most people in America (including myself) do
>>>>>>>> NOT waste our time watching PBS shows. PBS has to rely mainly on the gov't
>>>>>>>> for funding. They do collect donations but as far as I know--most of their
>>>>>>>> funding comes from the government. If it was not for gov't funding, PBS
>>>>>>>> would have gone out of business many years ago. Most all of their
>>>>>>>> producers and directors are very liberal
>>>>>>> Major funding for PBS is from tax payers donating moent to the
>>>>>>> government by force, Then the government forces parents to vaccinate
>>>>>>> their babies,
>>>>>> No one forces anyone to be vaccinated.
>>>>> REALLY?? Maybe you live under a giant rock??
>>>>> Parents Face Fines, Jail Time for Failure to Immunize
>>>>> School District Orders Parents to Appear in Court for Failure to
>>>>> Immunize
>>>> The parents have the right to have their kids homeschooled. And if
>>>> immunization conflicts with a parent's or kid's religious beliefs, the
>>>> kid is exempt from immunization in the state of Maryland.
>>>>>>> The babies become severely injured or die,
>>>>>> Actually, that very rarely happens. What also very rarely happens is
>>>>>> that people get serious problems or die from vaccine-preventable
>>>>>> diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken-pox, tetanus, Hib
>>>>>> menigitis and pneumonia. That amounts to thousands of lives saved a year.
>>>>> YOU dont know if those children died from chicken-pox or from an
>>>>> adverse reaction to some drug the child was prescribed,
>>>> If the child has bacteria growing in his blood and dies with signs and
>>>> symptoms of an infection, you can be almost 100% certain.
>>>>> MY severely
>>>>> disabled son, did get dehydrated when he had the chicken-pox, he has
>>>>> severe swallowing problems, and when hes sick its just a total night
>>>>> mare to get him to drink at all... so he spent time in the
>>>>> hospital....... NO MEDICATION just fluid IV.
>>>> What about kids who don't get to the hospital on time? Kids get severely
>>>> dehydrated very fast, especially when they are sick.
>>>>> He was happy and joyful
>>>>> within a day!
>>>> What about the kids who die from chicken-pox? They will never be happy
>>>> and joyful.
>>>>> So, about these babies that have a severe reaction to
>>>>> vaccines, The seizures these children suffer from are HORRIFIC many
>>>>> are placed in medicine induced comas just to prevent the seizures from
>>>>> causing more brain damage or death.
>>>> How many are "many?" Numbers and evidence, please.
>>>>> I KNOW this, BUT why didnt PBS
>>>>> show the world what happens to a vaccine injured baby? Dont you think
>>>>> parents should have the RIGHT to know what could happen to their baby
>>>>> for allowing Dr Joe-Blow to vaccinate their little one?
>>>> Ask PBS. However, the risks of the diseases are far more than the risks
>>>> of the vaccines.
>>>>> WHY keep hiding the TRUTH from parents?
>>>> You mean like when the antivaccine liars tell how dangerous vaccines are
>>>> and fail to tell about the lives saved?
>>>>>>> The parents
>>>>>>> cant sue the pharmectutical company, it has to sue the government
>>>>>> Good! Unfortunately, juries tend to find for the families, regardless of
>>>>>> the facts, because drug companies are perceived to have deep pockets and
>>>>>> feel sorry for the kids.
>>>>> Thats not true.
>>>> Bull. Juries find for kids even when there is no evidence that the
>>>> vaccines did cause anything.
>>>>> The parents that have wone, WHAT the hell did they
>>>>> win? Dont forget Jeff, I belong to a support group that has MANY
>>>>> parents who have "won" their lawsuit for vaccine injured babies.
>>>> Good, ask those parents what they won.
>>>>> NO,
>>>>> they cant talk about the "winning the case" BUT they can talk about
>>>>> their child, and right now a friends child that "won" her case years
>>>>> ago is in the hospital, fighting for her life from the seizures, she
>>>>> has a feeding tube, cant walk, cant communicate, and has her fragile
>>>>> body ravished by horrible seizures that are strong enough to shut down
>>>>> your organs. Thats what a vaccine INJURED child deals with for LIFE!
>>>>> Chicken-pox is a blessing, and so is measles and polio compared to a
>>>>> severe vaccine injury, and thats the TRUTH!
>>>> Unless the child dies from the infection.
>>>>>>> Oh, and Eli Lilly is the maker of thimerosal(Mercury that was/is being
>>>>>>> injected into newborn babies and pregnant women)
>>>>>> Was. Thimerosal is no long in childhood vaccines. In the very small
>>>>>> doses that were used, thimerosal has never been shown to be harmful.
>>>>> THATS not true, Thimerosal has never been shown to cause Autism, But
>>>>> its NEVER
>>>>> been shown that it doesnt cause harm. JUST the oppoiste.
>>>> When was it shown to cause harm in the doses used?
>>>> Real evidence please.
>>>>> �In
>>>>>> fact, kids get more mercury, in a more harmful form (methylmercury) from
>>>>>> eating fish. In addition, after thimerosal was removed from vaccines, no
>>>>>> reduction in diseases that were conjectured to be caused by vaccines was
>>>>>> seen.
>>>>>> Jeff
>>>>> Im NOT talking about autism!
>>>> Who said you were? Regardless, people get more mercury from fish than
>>>> they do from vaccines.
>>>> JEff- Hide quoted text -
>>>> - Show quoted text -
>>> � � Hmm. �I had seen a news program that announced that Thimerosal was
>>> going to be used in Swine Flu vaccines during the recent phony H1N1
>>> 'pandemic'.
>> Almost 17,000 people died from it.
>>> �That would make perfect sense, since the drug companies
>>> have protection from suits when shooting up the populace with vaccines
>>> in a pandemic. �Of course, the constant reminders we all got were that
>>> pregnant women and babies should get the flu vaccine first! �Yep,
>>> shoot it into the most vulnerable groups.
>> Protect the most vulnerable groups is more like it.
> Wrong. Newborns, and pregnant are very vulnerable.

And in most need of protection. Influenza provides that protection. In
addition, when mothers make antibodies to the influenza virus, that
protection gets passed on to the baby, both while in the uterus and when
breastfeeding, through IgA antibodies in the breast milk.

>>> � �We might also consider that the FDA websaite shows clearly that
>>> they still allow Thimerosal in some vaccines. �And I would suspect
>>> that some unscrupulous middlemen of vacines might still be unloading
>>> their old vaccines from storage.
>> What middle men? Do vaccine makers use middle men or do they sell
>> directly to docs and health care facilities?
> Well, since you claim to be a doc, you should know.
> Of course all who are honest can read you own words, where you posted
> the proof that you are not, but continue to lie.

I don't know if there are middle men or not. I do know a lot of
hospitals and docs get the vaccine directly from the manufacturer or
from government agencies, like state health departments. I don't know if
that is true for all vaccines.


> Now, have a nice evening.....................................
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Bob Officer wrote:
> On Fri, 07 May 2010 22:23:44 -0400, in,
> dr_jeff <utz(a)> wrote:
>> Bob Officer wrote:
>> <...>
>>> And what type and the Amount of mercury they were exposed to and
>>> during exactly which part of fetal development matters.
>>> Donna is stuck in a fallacy loop.
>> Just one?
> Can one be stuck in multiple loops at the same time?

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