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Jan Drew wrote:
> Give it up not doc. I know far more that you do about Mercury.

<garbage deleted>

The fact that you rely on natural news as a source says it all. Even if
you knew more things about mercury than I do, the quality of your
information, is far less than the quality of what I have learned plus
the knowledge I have of pathology, cell biology and human biology.

Quality counts, not quantity.

And, from what I have seen, the quality of what you know is sorely lacking.


PS, how you are able to understand the information is important too.
From what I see, you are not able to understand the info, either.
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Jason wrote:
> In article <rOednbM0bJckBn_WnZ2dnUVZ_jmdnZ2d(a)>, utz(a) wrote:
>> Jason wrote:
>>> In article <N7WdneWE4KV6v3_WnZ2dnUVZ_tyqnZ2d(a)>,
> utz(a) wrote:
>>>> Jason wrote:
>>>>> In article <sImdnUMDLvooaHzWnZ2dnUVZ_roAAAAA(a)>,
>>> utz(a) wrote:
>>>>>> Jason wrote:
>>>>>> <...>
>>>>>>> Jeff,
>>>>>>> Why are you an advocate for a known poison that is also a known
>>>>>>> neurotoxin?
>>>>>> No, I am not. I am an advocate for vaccination, which save lives. While
>>>>>> I am glad that thimerasol has been removed from most vaccines, there is
>>>>>> no evidence that the chemical poses a risk at the very small doses used.
>>>>>> And, there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism, as some suggest.
>>>>>>> You remind me of the people that are advocates for tobacco. Do
>>>>>>> you work for a drug company that sells vaccines that contain mercury?
>>>>>> No, I work for no drug company. What I say is my own opinion, not those
>>>>>> of any company.
>>>>>> Jeff
>>>>> Jeff,
>>>>> Thanks for answering my questions. I don't have problems with mercury free
>>>>> vaccines that have been properly tested. The vaccine for swine flu was NOT
>>>>> properly tested so I did NOT get that vaccine. I do have a problem with
>>>>> any vaccine that contains mercury since mercury is poison and is a
>>>>> neurotoxin. When even small amount of a neurotoxin is injected into a
>>>>> child, it is like playing with fire. Children (esp. babies) do not have
>>>>> fully developed immune system. It's for that reason, neurotoxins--even in
>>>>> small doses--should not be given to children. At the very least, doctors
>>>>> or nurses should test children to determine if they have an allergic
>>>>> reaction to mercury.
>>>> Allergic reactions to mercury are extremely rare.
>>>>> If they do not have an allergic reaction to
>>>>> mercury--give them the vaccine. An even better option would be to remove
>>>>> thimerasol from all vaccines. Do you see my point?
>>>> I see your point, but, because allergic reactions to mercury are so
>>>> rare, and doctors are equipped to deal with them, they are a very small
>>>> concern.
>>>> Jeff
>>> Lots of experts would disagree with you. I have read that they have
>>> removed mercury from all vaccines in Europe. They must have had good
>>> reasons for making that decision. Related to your other point, the reason
>>> children could develop autism from mercury could be because of an allergic
>>> reaction to mercury.
>> An allergic reaction to mercury would be caused by a specific type of
>> immune response, similar to the reaction I have to some types of pollen.
>> People who are allergic to peanuts get a similar type of allergic
>> reaction when they eat peanut butter.
>>> There may be other reasons. Have you done any
>>> research on a disease called hemochromatosis. Many researchers believe
>>> this disease develops because of genetics. It's also possible that
>>> children that develop autism have a genetic disorder that causes them to
>>> accumulate mercury in their bodies.
>> Evidence that this is actually occurring, please.
>>> That means that children that do not
>>> have this genetic problem would NOT accumulate mercury in their bodies and
>>> therefore not develop autism.
>>> jason
>> This is hypothetical, at best. It fails to explain why mercury poisoning
>> affects different parts of the brain than are affected in autism. It
>> also fails to explain why the genes that have been identified in autism
>> have nothing to do with handling mercury in the body.
>> Jeff
> Jeff,
> Yes, it is hypothetical but it could explain why some children develop
> autism shortly after getting a vaccine that contains mercury and other
> children do NOT develop autism after taking vaccines that contain mercury.
> jason

If mercury affected the same parts of the brain, then, hypothetically,
yes. But, because it affects different parts of the brain, then, mercury
doesn't cause autism.
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Jan Drew wrote:

Unless we start filling cavities when people vaccines, then so what?

And, the inflammation would be outside the brain. So what?

Remember what I said about quality of info, not quantity? That means you
have to be able to explain how the info is important and how it relates
to the subject at hand.
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Mark Probert wrote:
> On May 6, 10:25 pm, Jan Drew <jdrew63...(a)> wrote:
>>>> From Quack Barrett. Poor not doc.
> There is no proof, in the form of scientific studies including
> coronary artery catheterization, that show that CHEATlation does DREW
> to you coronary arteries.
> This is a good way to die.

Actually, it is a way to die. In Philadelphia, and I am sure other
places, a kid was killed when he was getting chelation therapy for acute
lead poisoning. He was being given EDTA too fast or it was the wrong
salt (Na2CA EDTA instead of Ca2EDTA). This caused the calcium
concentration in his blood to go down, causing a heart arrythmia.

So EDTA can kill.

From: dr_jeff on
Jan Drew wrote:

Methyl mercury is not ethyl mercury. It talks about power plants, not
vaccines. There is far more expose to methyl mercury, which is more
toxic than ethyl mercury. So this actually goes against your claim.

As I said, quality of information is important too, not just quantity.

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