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> > > > On May 1, 2:56 pm, Kevysmom <kevysmo...(a)> wrote:
> > > > > > And wouldn't supporting vaccines and the drug industry, as in this case,
> > > > > > be supporting a conservative bias, not a liberal one?
> > > > > > Jeff
> > > > > WHY didnt PBS show films of vaccine injured babies in the PICU
> > > > > fighting for life? They didnt show one vaccine injured baby, WHY?
> > > > Good question....hmmm./.I KNOW!
> > > > Vaccine injured babies do not exist.
> > > MARK!!!!!!!! That is the lamest and cruelest thing Ive ever seen you
> > > write. Yes, its cruel you knowing very well that vaccines do injury
> > > babies and actually cause death in babies, so AGAIN why didnt PBS show
> > > the infants in PICU suffering, yet they showed a baby with measles?
> > I would have preferred an hour long show of the consequences of not
> > vaccinating. A nice tour of an iron lung ward, rehab centers where 15
> > year old children babble because of meningitis destroying their
> > brains, children wearing hearing aids, blue babies trying to breath
> > inspite of their diptheria, and things like that.
> I told you that two of my Aunts had polio as children, My Moms first
> cousins but I call them my Aunts they are like sisters, and they hang
> out and go to the movies and for dinner every week together, I told my
> Mom about this child on my group that is suffering terribly in the
> hospital as I write this... I ask my Mom if she would ask my Aunt if
> she would rather have polio or a severe vaccine injury what do you
> think she would say, my Mom said, my Aunt would pick polio.

And some people like fast food. There is no accounting for taste.

> > > Thats not being fair and balanced in journalism.
> > There are issues that are subject to fair and balanced. Those subjects
> > have two valid sides. In the issue of vaccination, there is only one
> > valid side.
> Bologna!!!

Excellent. There are two schools of thought on that. One we can call
the Bologna School, the other the Baloney school. Both are equally
valid, thus embracing the idea of balance.

OTOH, there is no proof that vaccines cause severe injuries so
frequently that this outweighs the massive benefits of vaccination.
Thus, there is no need for balance.

> > Its using FEAR to get
> > > young parents to keep BLINDLY vaccinating their newborn babies with
> > > toxins
> > You whine about fear? Both sides use fear. The difference is that the
> > fear of these diseases is valid. The "fear" of vaccines is bullshit.-
> It is NOT and you know it! Why do you continue to LIE??????-

Jan? Is that you posing as Donna?

The fear of vaccines is bullshit. What part of that is a lie? I accept
it, a prioi, as the truth.

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> Jan Drew wrote:
> > On May 2, 8:23 am, dr_jeff <u...(a)> wrote:
> >> Kevysmom wrote:
> >>>> You now know the reason that most people in America (including myself) do
> >>>> NOT waste our time watching PBS shows. PBS has to rely mainly on the gov't
> >>>> for funding. They do collect donations but as far as I know--most of their
> >>>> funding comes from the government. If it was not for gov't funding, PBS
> >>>> would have gone out of business many years ago. Most all of their
> >>>> producers and directors are very liberal
> >>> Major funding for PBS is from tax payers donating moent to the
> >>> government by force, Then the government forces parents to vaccinate
> >>> their babies,
> >> No one forces anyone to be vaccinated.
> > A blatant lie.
> >
> �From the story: "Hundreds of parents and their children descended on a
> suburban Maryland courtroom today to protest a judge's order requiring
> all children to be vaccinated in order to attend classes."
> The parents have the option of a religious exemption. In addition, they
> have the option of homeschooling.
> Jeff

Hundreds of parents and their children descended on a suburban
Maryland courtroom today to protest a judge's order requiring all
children to be vaccinated in order to attend classes.

The protest culminates much-heated debate in Prince George's County,
Md., about school immunizations.

Frustrated and fed-up county officials sent a letter to delinquent
parents and ordered them to show up with their children in court today
so standby nurses can vaccinate children. If parents refuse, the
consequences are serious.

"Our goal is to get kids in school, not to put parents in jail," said
Prince George's County state's attorney Glenn Ivey. "But if parents
continue to be recalcitrant, they face up to 10 days in jail and a $50
a day fine."

Under Maryland state law, students who have religious reasons or a
certified medical exemption will not be forced to be vaccinated, said
Judge Phillip Nichols, who is overseeing the case, on "Good Morning
America Weekend Edition" today.

Arrest Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Kids?
School officials reached out to the judicial branch after they said
too many students failed to get the required vaccinations to stay in
school. District officials have tried everything from sending notices
to parents to offering free-shot clinics in order to get the children

Nichols said he believes lack of knowledge is not the reason why they
children have not received their shots.

"I think everybody does know about it. The problem is just getting it
done," Nichols said.

The situation became so serious that at one point more than 2,300
students were barred from attending class because they didn't have the
proper immunizations. The number has dwindled down to about 1,000, and
shots for hepatitis B and chicken pox are the shots children lack the
most. Those immunizations were added to the state's required list last

Some children already have been out of the classroom for a month and
the fight is affecting students as young as kindergarteners. But it's
mostly affected middle and high school pupils.

"This has really, really been a very difficult time for us," said
Betty Despenza Green, Prince George's County chief of student
services. "I think some of the students have found themselves in a
predicament where they are just not able to get it done, or they
believe that perhaps we will relinquish on it and some how it will go

One infectious disease expert defended the district's actions.

"They're grabbing the parents by the collars and saying, 'You must
vaccinate your children,'" said Dr. William Schaffner of the
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

The district already has begun to see results since becoming stricter
about the inoculations.

"Since the school board has came to us and asked us to help, half the
children have come back [because they have gotten their vaccines],"
Nichols said.

"This is your last chance before we really get tough," Nichols said.
"You have to have these inoculations to go to school. We're serious."

Many parents seem firmly behind the get-tough policy.

"The kids need to have their shots," said Clint Carter, the parent of
a high school sophomore. "Parents have known. They sent letters home,
everybody knows. It's on the news. Get your child shots."

But other parents, even some whose kids are vaccinated, believe the
measures are too extreme.

"What good are you going do if you lock up the parents?" asked Dierdre
Young, who is the mother of a high school freshman and junior. "Then
the parents can't feed them. They still can't come to school. They
still don't have their shots. So what have you solved?"

From: D. C. Sessions on
In message <Jason-0205101926090001(a)>, Jason wrote:

> The reality is that millions of people do fear vaccines.

Billions of people fear witches and the Evil Eye, too.

| The brighter the stupid burns, the more |
| chance that someone will see the light. |
+- D. C. Sessions <dcs(a)> -+
From: Jan Drew on
On May 3, 6:27�am, dr_jeff <u...(a)> wrote:
> Jan Drew wrote:
> <...>
> > Blatant liar.
> > Results 1 - 10 of about 2,690,000 for The number of alternative and
> > holistic schools in the US. (0.24 seconds
> So what? All that proves is that there are a lot of web sites that
> whatever search engine you used are found related to this topic.
> > The proper name is alternative and complimentary medicine.
> > You would do well to look all them up. �But, you probablhy won't
> > because you believe the lies of Organizaed medicine
> No, I don't. I make my own decisions based on the evidence. If they
> agree with conventional medicine, it is because conventional medicine
> got it right.
> The name you use, "alternative and complimentary medicine," is used
> because alternative means alternative to proven methods and
> complimentary means that it offers compliments, like, "You look so
> pretty, today." Actually, you probably meant "complementary," which
> means something that completes something else, as in complementary
> medicine is to be used in conjunction with proven medicine.
> For this reason, alternative and complementary medicine is really
> conjecture-based medicine (aka, con-med). It is unproven. And in the
> vast majority of cases, alternative medicine has neither a basis in
> science to explain why it works nor good evidence that shows it does work..
> Being "alternative" doesn't mean effective. In fact, if it were proven
> to be effective, it would become part of conventional medicine.
> has a lot of good, accurate info on con-med.
> Jeff

LOL. QuackQuack.
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On May 3, 9:59�am, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> On May 2, 11:19�pm, Jan Drew <jdrew63...(a)> wrote:
> > On May 1, 11:17 pm, Mark Probert <mark.prob...(a)> wrote:
> > > On May 1, 2:56 pm, Kevysmom <kevysmo...(a)> wrote:
> > > > > And wouldn't supporting vaccines and the drug industry, as in this case,
> > > > > be supporting a conservative bias, not a liberal one?
> > > > > Jeff
> > > > WHY didnt PBS show films of vaccine injured babies in the PICU
> > > > fighting for life? They didnt show one vaccine injured baby, WHY?
> > > Good question....hmmm./.I KNOW!
> > > Vaccine injured babies do not exist.
> > > > Are they scared parents would rather their child have the damn measles
> > > > than take a risk of having a dead or severely disabled child from
> > > > injecting toxins into their baby?
> > > > Interesting
> > > >
> > > > PBS show Religion and Ethics is funded by Eli Lilly makers of
> > > > thimerosal
> > > > Funding
> > > > Funding for RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY is provided by Lilly
> > > > Endowment Inc. with additional support from the Corporation for Public
> > > > Broadcasting and Mutual of America Life Insurance Company.
> > > > The Indianapolis-based Lilly Endowment Inc. was founded in 1937 by
> > > > three members of the Lilly family through gifts of stock in their
> > > > pharmaceutical business, Eli Lilly and Company. The Endowment is a
> > > > separate entity from the company, with a distinct governing board,
> > > > staff and location, and is devoted to the causes of religion,
> > > > education and community development.
> > > Do you know the meaning of distinct?
> > > I am on the board of an endowment, and we are totally independent of
> > > everything.
> > Now, there is a claim for you to prove. �
> Up your DREWhole. For me to prove that would encourage more of your
> stalking. Go DREW yourself.
> You have forgotten what you
> > posted:
> >
> > ****Anecdotes are not facts. They are, at best interesting stories.
> > At
> > worst, outright lies.**** �Mark Probert
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