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> > > > > > Are you listed on the Iowa State Child Abuse Registry for sexual abuse
> > > > > > of Lisa Watkins' seven year old daughter, grag? Or physical abuse?
> > > > > Never.  You're projecting again!
> > > > I'm just questioning your earlier statement, grag, "I am now a
> > > > "founded" child abuser for making a 7 year old take a fast cold
> > > > shower."

DJS3 > Was the CPS determination regarding your behavior sexual abuse

No it was not.

DJS3 > because you forced the naked little girl into the shower?

Forced physically? No. Commanded.
Forced in the sense that she was ordered and complied.

DJS3 > Or did CPS conclude it was physical abuse?

Not on paper!

G > Do you honestly think that a cold shower
G > meets the technical legal requirement to
G > qualify as child abuse, Dan?

Failure to answer directly. Yes or no.

DJS3 > Evidently the authorities in Iowa believe

This is always a brain storm kind of comment.

DJS3 > what you did to the little
DJS3 > girl WAS abuse, based on your admission.

That is NOT what they put down on paper.

DJS3 > The fact that you failed to say which form
DJS3 > of abuse it was is a tacit admission it
DJS3 > was determined to be sexual abuse.

Just a bit heavy handed with the meaning of
"tacit" aren't you? Not only are you saying
that failure to answer regarding something
means something MUCH larger, but you
presume a non-answer before I had TIME
to answer!

Will you accuse me of a tacit admission
for failing to answer a question you never
even asked, next?

DJS3 > Right, grag?

Don't you WISH I hadn't said "neglect" over and over?

And what you describe would be a criminal charge, not family court.

Dan, Are you saying that having a kid take
a fast cold shower is child abuse?

Please be very clear on this point. Yes or no.

And then turn around and try to declare yourself
to be an advocate for Family Rights against CPS.