From: Greegor on
G > Dan, you are a legend in your own mind.

DJS3 > I love it when you're left to write messages all by yourself.

G > You provide all of the help I need!

DJS3 > You don't need help to be a liar, grag.
DJS3 > All you need to do is get up in the morning.

You talked about your family and your cases
with CPS, but when I asked some rather pointed
questions you then said you will only answer
questions if I sent them to you in paper
(like an interrogatory, paper deposition) by
way of the US Mail.

For example, you said you had a BIPOLAR
ex-wife and you had kids with her.

But you won't answer the question about
WHEN in that process you knew she was

Even your good buddy Kent has said that
it would be incredible if you didn't know
before you married her.

Certainly it would be incredible that you
didn't know before you made BABIES
(plural) with her.

Yet you cannot answer such a simple
question without ""lawyering up"" ?

You were just FINE with asking questions,
mostly questions LOADED with nasty

But you can't answer such a reasonable
and logical question considering your
own and VOLUNTARY statements?

YOU stated your ex was bipolar.
YOU stated you had kids with her.

YOU have been ducking this question.
Exactly WHEN in that process of
getting MARRIED and making BABIES
did you KNOW your ex-wife was BIPOLAR?