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Markey Child there is a space between
Thorsen and for.

<snip diversion and obsession of Mark S Probert.)
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> Markey Child there is a space between
> Thorsen and for.

There was one in my post. I just looked.

> <snip diversion and obsession of Mark S Probert.)

No, Cousin Jan, it is not a diversion. It directly addresses the smoke
screen of you anti-vax liars, and the scum at AoA.

"In both of the “Danish papers” in question (why am I reminded of
Hamlet?), Dr. Thorsen was a “sandwich” author. Why is this important?

The pattern followed in biology and medicine is that the first
(“lead”) author is the person who did the bulk of the work, the last
(“anchor”) author is the person who “owns” the lab or is the senior
author and the rest (the “sandwich” authors) either did some work
(e.g. lab techs, assistants, undergraduates, graduate students
on a secondary project, etc.) provided some special service or
expertise (e.g. statistical analysis, specialised analytical testing,
special techniques, etc.) or needed to be acknowledged by more than
mentioning their name under “acknowledgements”.

Some labs have are very “stingy” about who they add as authors,
will list as authors anyone who touched the project in any way.
Generally, if any or all of the “sandwich” authors contributed as
as the lead author (or anchor author), there will be mention of that
somewhere in the paper, usually right below the author list.

It also needs to be emphasised that Dr. Thorsen’s “offense” may (and
probably is) no more than not giving Aarhus University their “cut” of
his grant money. Universities traditionally get a portion of all
money that comes to researchers from outside the university, either
a separate payment from the granting agency or as a “tithe” (usually
more like 50%) from the grant. This is called “overhead”.

I suspect that the $2 million is money that Aarhus University thinks
they should have gotten as “overhead” while Dr. Thorsen was working
elsewhere. The other likely possibility is that Aarhus University
feels grants Dr. Thorsen received while on their faculty should have
been spent in their facilities, rather than paying for salaries and
supplies somewhere else.

At any rate, the least likely possibility is that Dr. Thorsen
embezzled any money, since he had no direct access to the money.
Grants don’t arrive as boxes of cash – they are paid to the
or research center which then has their financial department disburse
the funds as purchase orders (which are scrutinised by the financial
department to ensure that they conform to the terms of the grant) or
as salaries (which are scrutinised by both the financial and

This is a tempest in a teapot raised by those people who had “hitched
their wagons” to Andy Wakefield’s star and are distressed by how far
and fast that star has fallen. They hope to regain some “sparkle” by
tarnishing the research that has refuted their claims.

Unfortunately, even if all the research touched by Dr. Thorsen were
magically disappear, there would still be more than enough to refute
the claim that vaccines – with or without thimerosal – cause autism."