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Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Should we do something about it?
Click on the link to read a Teachers.Net conversation with Dr. Beverly Tatum, author of "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" Should we be worried? Should we take any action? Read what Beverly Tatum says at Please share the link with colleagues in your profes... 17 Jan 2010 10:37
Detecting An Affair >> How To Discretely Find Out
"roger woods" wrote: Get step-by-step tactics for discovering whether your partner is cheating or not, with whom, where, when, how often, for how long... This kind of unfounded suspicion ruins many marriages. Many women need to see a shrink why they think their husband is cheating on them. Often, these wom... 16 Jan 2010 21:42
New Blog: Retrospective: Disney's Grand Plan
Aronda has posted a brand new blog entry called "Retrospective: Disney's Grand Plan" at Thanks in advance for reading. ... 15 Jan 2010 19:31
A fascinating K-12 web site: Journey to a New Land (history of movement of people from ice age on
Today's Apple Seed of inspiration to share with students and colleagues: Some succeed because they are destined to; most succeed because they are determined to. ~ Anatole France A web site worthy of your attention: A JOURNEY TO A NEW LAND (K-12) People first arrived in the Americas at least 12,000 years ago. ... 15 Jan 2010 13:55
Bilingual children's cartoons
Non wrote: First it was Dora the Explorer, and Diego, and Handy Manny starting to teach kids Spanish in an American children's TV/cartoon. Now the Chinese have jumped on the bandwagon, with Ni Hao Kai Lan teaching Chinese to American kids. How do American parents feel about this? Will the German... 12 Jan 2010 13:02
10 tips to involve fathers in child's education; Too much involvement? Printable newsletter form
Parent involvement in schools has traditionally been carried out by mothers. Yet boys and girls need positive, male role models. When fathers take an active role in education, schools report an increase in student achievement. 10 Ways to Involve Fathers in Their Child's Education 12 Jan 2010 10:45
60 ways to practice Spelling Words
A quote for today: No one has ever drowned in her or his own sweat.~ D. H. Thomas Just posted in Teachers.Net Gazette: 60 Ways to Practice Spelling Here are two of the 60 unique, teacher submitted tips that were posted yesterday to a Teachers.Net mailring: 36. Clothespin Spell... 11 Jan 2010 13:13
Parent's Guide to Children's behaviour online course, end your child's bad beahviour once and for all
A Parents Guide to Children's Behaviour, online course. If you are presently concerned about your child's behaviour or your child has severe behavioural difficulties that are negatively impacting your life, your family's life and your child's life then you really owe it to yourself to consider this unprecedented op... 7 Jan 2010 08:01
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backups & Retro Stuff
We're a video game specialist and wholesaler for modded consoles, retro consoles and game backups, we ship worldwide. Below are some of our offerings at wholesale prices and we do supply video game hardwares and softwares for resellers with bulk discounts given. Besides this, we have 30 retail outlets in Malaysia a... 6 Jan 2010 21:07
Saint John of The Cross on 6-11-95
St. John of The Cross says, "The little ones are being victimized by the onslaught of the immorality they are subjected to by those they depend upon, and those they associate as their parents, relatives and friends of the family." REVELATION DELIVERED THROUGH FRANCES M. KLUG ON JUNE 11,1995 AT 2:44 P.M. ... 6 Jan 2010 10:51
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