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My niece is considering sending her child to private school because they don't have spelling in the her son's class. The reason given is that some people in the class are not native English speakers. Does that reason make sense to anyone? It doesn't to me. I never learned to spell until I learned to type becau... 30 Nov 2009 07:01
Civility article, activity, printable civility chart to use with kids
A short article, a civility measurement activity to do with students, and a printable civility index School principal Todd Nelson discusses an issue having increasing impact upon our society. In his article, Our Civility Footprint, Nelson says: "Civility has every bit... 24 Nov 2009 10:05
Redding California charity turns down pot dispensary's food donation
Record Searchlight staff - 11/5/09 Chris Solberg, director of Loaves and Fishes, confirmed Today that he spoke with Munday, but said that he alone made the decision to politely turn down the offer after praying. “The Lord impressed on me to tell him thanks, but no thanks,” he said, adding that he does not regret... 20 Nov 2009 21:22
Looking for Pre-term Labor Treatment Options?
a prior preterm delivery. You may qualify for this research study if you: • Have had a previous single-baby preterm delivery • Are currently pregnant and expecting one baby • Are less than 20 weeks pregnant • Are at least 18 years old The purpose of this research study is to determine if weekly injections of... 19 Nov 2009 12:57
Too much parent involvement?
Too much parent involvement: can it be? ... 17 Nov 2009 09:33
pie in a cup recipe, turkey glyph, printable blackline turkey, more
Recipes: Pumpkin Pie in a Cup; Pumpkin Pancakes; Cranberry Salad; and a "Mystery food" Turkey Glyph and a blackline turkey to print out Kindergartners Share Thanksgiving Recipes (very funny! You might do this with ... 12 Nov 2009 08:27
Top 10 Ways NOT to Answer the School Phone!
" When YENDOR gets loose in the school office, he always creates havoc! "Top 10 Ways NOT to Answer the School Phone." Please share the page with friends and colleagues who enjoy a chuckle! check back often for YENDOR's irreverent blog entries. ... 7 Nov 2009 10:48
For Sale: Premodded Video Game Consoles, Backups & Retro Stuff
We're a video game specialist and wholesaler for modded consoles, retro consoles and game backups, we ship worldwide. Below are some of our offerings at wholesale prices and we do supply video game hardwares and softwares for resellers with bulk discounts given. Besides this, we have 30 retail outlets in Malaysia a... 7 Nov 2009 09:43
November blogs now posted on Teachers.Net - from parent involvement to recipes to printable crafts! MORE!
Teachers.Net has rolled out its November blogs covering topics ranging from PG-rated humor to standards/assessments/ and rubrics (oh my!); classroom management; Harry K. & Rosemary Wong writing about the success of a teacher in a state controlled school; how to teach facts - not stereoty... 5 Nov 2009 13:29
questions about forensics
Anonymous Remailer (austria) wrote: i took a teenaged girl and brought her here to play with my idea was that people in the newsgroups would answer questions and would affect how i would play with her people decided to laugh and make fun of me instead so i decided to scrap the project which means... 1 Nov 2009 18:50
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