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Catholic Man Accused of Witchcraft – Children taken from Home
Man accused of witchcraft has his children seized by the state, forced
into Bible School, and made to rebuke the Holy Mother.


PR Log (Press Release) – Feb 12, 2010 – I believe it was Kandice Hobs,
assistant prosecutor for Shelby County, Kentucky, who accused me of
being a witch during court and on video tape. She used the masculine
form of the word 'wicca', demanded to know my religion, demanded to
know my religious affiliations, and demanded to know the pen name with
which I have published religious manuscripts. Now in foster care, my
children are forced to attend Bible school where they learn that the
religion practiced in their home is sinful. My home is Catholic, my
children are being taught not to pray to the Holy Mother, and I am
forced to wonder who will be next. Maybe the state will round up all
Jewish children and force them to rebuke their parent’s religion. When
that's done, maybe we will move on to Muslims.

Kandice Hobs and the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services
both know that five (5) medical doctors in three (3) different fields
of specialty, spanning two (2) states have been clear that there is no
neurological, psychological, or physical reason my children should be
kept from my care. Dede Sullivan, supervisor with the Shelby County,
Kentucky Cabinet has signed statements from each of these doctors.

Despite these facts, my children have now been in foster care for
three months & nobody seems to be doing a thing to vacate the charge
of dependency against me.

What is dependency? It is a situation where a person can not raise
children due to no fault of his own. In my case, despite the fact that
the originally diagnosing neurologist has stated I should have no
problem raising children, my children remain in foster care because
the Cabinet has accused me of having a concussion 4 years earlier.
Evidently, they know better than 5 medical doctors and what my
religious preference proves I am insane.

Key medical statements now include:

“I see no neurological reason that would prevent him from caring for
his children.”

Dr. William T. Mayr, M.D. (the original diagnosing neurologist)

“...through clinical interviews and psychological testing, I find no
psychological concern or disorder that would prevent him from
parenting his children.”

Dr. Rhonda L. Mancini, PsyD Licensed Psychologist – (psychologist I
hired for this matter)

“It is my professional opinion that the above patient is physically
capable of caring for his 2 small children”

Dr. James R. Smith, MD (my general practitioner)

My home has been inspected three (3) times and found to be fit three
times. I have no criminal background, no history of unnecessary
violence, no history of substance abuse, and a long history of
volunteer work in a religious capacity. I have not been accused of
neglecting, abusing, or in any way mistreating my children. And yet, I
am allowed to see my children only one hour a week in a small room
with social workers watching my every move and listening to my every

How did this start? I went to the courts and begged for help because
my wife was beating me. A domestic violence order has been issued
against my abuser, she retaliated with the false accusation about my
medical ability to raise children, a single unverified telephone call
was made to the cabinet by someone pretending to be one of my
doctors, and both the Cabinet and the Prosecutor continue to believe
the claims of an abusive drunk over those of five (5) medical

This is how the Common Wealth of Kentucky treats the victims of
domestic violence.

"My children cry and beg to come home. My boy begs me, Daddy don't
give me away. I stand accused of no abuse, neglect, or molestation
but I may only see my children for an hour a week in a small room with
social workers listening to my every word and watching my every
movement" - Andrew Schlomann

Andrew J. Schlomann
Telephone 502-738-9485
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Cabinet for Health and Family Services officials involved in this

Dede Sullivan – Amy Vanhoose’s supervisor has all Doctor statements
referred here in.
(502) 647-9245

Nelson Knight – Dede Sullivan’s direct supervisor. Will not return my
telephone calls.
(502) -543-0814

Bruce Linder – Nelson Knights direct supervisor. Will not return my
telephone calls.