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"Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward" <penelope(a)> wrote in message
> Is it okay to carry a baby or toddler on the hip? There are all these
> carriers out there that you can buy for it, and I know it's done
> traditionally in some cultures, but I feel like it might mess up my
> back in some way that's worse than carrying the baby in front on me,
> in my arms. What say you?

I do a lot of back carries with a wrap or a mei tai. Just a lot easier for
me and for my back. I also do a fair bit of having both girls carried at
the same time - more often than not, DD1 is on my back in the mei tai, DD2
is on my front with the wrap. Seems to even out the weight and it doesn't
bother my back too much, even though I have an extremely ruined back. I
find a hip carry (just in my arms) puts a lot of strain not on my back but
on my upper arms and shoulders. I do a lot of that as well, actually.
Buuut... I still prefer a back carry if it's just the one!

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On Sep 26, 1:01 pm, Anne Rogers <nos...(a)> wrote:
> I suspect a hip carrier is going to be better than carrying a child on
> your hip without a carrier, which seems to be inevitable. Being right
> handed, I've always carried on my left hip with my left arm holding the
> child leaving my right arm free - but I injured my left hip badly during
> the birth of my 2nd child and there's no way I can carry a child on
> that hip, though it probably looks like I do, I carry the child a couple
> of inches higher with my left arm under rather than round, so they sit
> on my forearm, they both hold on enough now that I don't usually use my
> right arm to support them, but I used to. It's not just my hip that
> caused problems and though I can't carry either for long, this method
> has got me through the necessary carrying, other than climbing stairs,
> it's my arm that gives up before anything else.
> Cheers
> Anne

Btw, hip carriers tend to distribute weight differently than in-arms,
so you may have different reactions as to which is more comfortable.
I've only used a Sara's Ride hip carrier - there are much better ones
out there now - but the issue with a hip carrier is that it will put
pressure on your shoulder, rather than making your arm tired from
holding the baby. I think the Mei Hip is one of the better ones.

Oh, and when my babies were about 9 months-1 year, the most secure way
I could carry them in arms was facing out, on my hip, with my arm
under their arms - no way they could wiggle out of that one!