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Healthy Way Magazine—How to live a healthy way of life.
Issue 30 | Article 6

Bugs in the Bowel
by Kayla Campbell

Strange as it may seem, there are actually supposed to be certain
sorts of beasties in your bowel. Intestinal bacteria of all sorts make
their home in the colon, helping to break down wastes and contributing
to the fermentation of undigested foodstuffs. They are not a problem
so long as they stay in the colon and so long as one sort doesn’t
outbreed another sort and create an imbalance.

The most common problem with bowel beasties is that the ‘unfriendly’
type, called Candida albicans, becomes dominant and kills off the
‘friendly’ type such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium
bifidum. Candida albicans can also surge up into the small intestine,
where it ferments food inappropriately and creates chemicals that can
cause gut spasm. The wall of the small intestine may then become leaky
and partially digested foodstuffs may escape into the bloodstream,
where the immune system tries to destroy them. The immune system is
then activated to react to those foodstuffs and the owner of that gut
may become sensitive to certain foods.

Why should bacteria go on the rampage like this?
Well the simplest way to upset your bowel flora is to eat heaps of
refined sugar and drink plenty of coffee and alcohol, all of which the
unfriendly bacteria love to feed on. Another classic cause is
constipation, where the wave-like peristaltic action that should
propel food along the digestive tract is ineffective, and wastes sit
around putrefying in the bowel. Then again, if production of the
digestive juices by the stomach, liver and pancreas is weak, bacteria
take the opportunity to get out of hand. If the immune system is
working well it will keep the unfriendly invaders under control, but
when the immune system is under par they have a chance to spread,

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