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Non wrote:

>>First it was Dora the Explorer, and Diego, and Handy Manny starting to
>>teach kids Spanish in an American children's TV/cartoon.
>>Now the Chinese have jumped on the bandwagon, with Ni Hao Kai Lan
>>teaching Chinese to American kids.
>>How do American parents feel about this?
>>Will the Germans, Russians and Indians start their own children's
>>cartoons to push their language and culture on American kids?
>Teaching kids an additional language is a good thing.
>And I think these cartoons are basically targeted at the respective
>ethnic kids in America to learn their native language.
>However, there are undertones in some of these cartoons that make
>English-only characters look bad.
>In Dora, the only non-bilingual character is a MONKEY named Boots who
>frequently messes up.
>In Handy Manny, Mr Lopart (understands only English compared to all the
>other characters) is made to look like an arrogant fool who eventually
>learns his lesson.
>How would Mexicans like it if we create a Spanish-only speaking
>character who was a lazy pig who gets drunk all the time?

A couple of decades ago, it was Tom and Jerry that made Native Indians
look bad.
Then it was Speedy Gonzalez that made Mexicans look bad.

Could some of these new cartoons be a subtle backlash?