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On May 12, 4:35 pm, Jan Drew <jdrew63...(a)> CCPed yet another
load of Worthless Pointless Mindless Ranting BULLCRAP.

Maybe you and that equally insane quack Chung should get together and
have some bables........................and then eat them

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On May 13, 7:11 am, mainframetech <mainframet...(a)> wrote:
> On May 12, 9:13 pm, b...(a) wrote:
> > In article <4c61ff9c-bc97-4540-8d36-48ec738c3...(a)>,
> > mainframetech  <mainframet...(a)> wrote:
> > >   The rates of Alzheimer's and Autism are not increasing at fantastic
> > >speed for no reason.
> > The increased rate of Alzheimer's disease is due to more people
> > surviving to an age where Alzheimer's disease becomes very common.
> > The increased rate of autism is due to better diagnosis.  Severe forms
> > of autism used to be diagnosed as mental retardation.  What has stayed
> > relatively constant is the rate of mental retardation plus autism.
> > Milder forms of autism, like Asperger's syndrome used to be 'diagnosed'
> > as 'bad kid' or 'stupid kid' or 'antisocial kid' or 'uncooperative kid'
> > or 'disobedient kid' or 'weird kid', i.e. they weren't recorded at all,
> > but now are counted as autism spectrum disorders.
> > Btw, the alleged link between aluminum and Alzheimer's proved long ago
> > to be a lab error in preparing specimens for study, but the aluminum
> > phobia lives on.
> LOL!  It's amazing how many 'experts' can be drawn out by a few
> comments, especially when some of them are directed at the failings of
> the drug industry.  It's easy to find folks in various fields that
> will swear to all kinds of facts if their livelihoods are at stake.
> Or those who feel they have to shield and protect such an important
> industry as Big Pharma, or are lost without a big mommy to help them
> through.
>    I won't be so crass as to demand numbers and statistics to show
> that the increases of Autism and Alzheimer's are more than age or
> differently reported diseases.  I and many others know that the
> increases are bound to be due to the garbage in our environment, and
> that includes the many chemicals we ingest based on doctors
> prescriptions and the drug business advertising.  That's my opinion,
> and anyone else can have any opinion they want and it's fine with me.
>    Try thinking back to a time not so long ago when the famous
> 'experts' swore that many stomach ulcers were caused by stress,
> alcohol and all sorts of abrasive things.  Of course, they all faded
> back into the woodwork they came out of when the truth was learned and
> proven.  The 'medical community' has been wrong countless times and
> yet folks keep swearing by their carefully considered utterings.
> Welp, I guess thet's their choice.  I won't try to prove anything
> different to them... :)
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Try to think that Brian knows what he is talking about, and you are
just spouting your factless anti-vaccination bullshit.

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In message <gdCdnfdmUcWfFnbWnZ2dnUVZ8rKdnZ2d(a)>, john wrote:

> which is why chelation reverses alzheimer's

Except that it doesn't. Consider the hugely-expensive
Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy -- run by chelationists
in the USA, lavishly funded. Bupkis for improvements in
heart disease or anything else.

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