From: Irrational Number on
kvicky wrote:
> My ultrsound results came out to be normal, thanks for all your posts.

Great! May the rest of your pregnancy
be uneventful!

-- Anita --
From: Anne Rogers on
Pologirl wrote:
> On Jul 12, 12:56 pm, alath <a...(a)> wrote:
>> 1) just by coincidence, the stomach is empty because the fetus hasn't
>> happened to swallow any fluid in a while. If this is the case, the
>> amniotic fluid volume will be normal and the stomach bubble will
>> likely be seen on a follow up exam. This is the most common scenario.
>> It's a little bizarre that they said "likely due to technical
>> reasons," because this is really better described as "likely due to
>> bad luck," or "probably due to bad timing."
> [deleted 3 other possible causes of "no bubble", clubs #2 - #4]
>> Fortunately, it seems kvicky was in Club #1, which is the best one to
>> be in.
> I think kvicky was in Club #0: the stomach bubble was seen clearly
> and was a normal size but its shade of black on the US image was
> slightly different than usual. There are several technical reasons
> for this to occur, that have nothing to do with the baby. The
> obstetrician seems to have hugely misinterpreted the US report.

I would tend to agree, I reread the ultrasound report and the tech
definitely indicates he sees something stomach related and given alath
says this can only be the stomach bubble then it very much seems like it
was a technological issue, not a timing issue of whether it happened to
be full or not, I don't see any reason to disbelieve the report. The big
issue in this case is the inappropriate reaction of the obstetrician,
poor kvicky has had a few weeks of anxiety for no reason.

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